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Ryan Albritton


Thanks, in no small part to all of you involved in the St. Louis music scene, the STL LOUD project has seen success with two volumes and a third coming soon.  As I had hoped, STL LOUD is just one example of many things that are supporting music in our city.  In the past few years, St. Louis has come far with many things but not everything- music and art are certainly a couple bright spots, but we still have much work to do.  One of the larger goals of this project is to help establish St. Louis as a destination for artists from elsewhere, because through art we can make our city a more attractive place to live for everyone.

So here is the next step fo us- The Loud Label.  In addition to STL LOUD v3, we will be presenting several other shows in the coming months and beyond, as well as releasing our first few albums on the label.  Some of these events will be all-local, but increasingly, we will make an effort to bring in talent from other cities that can then return the favor down the line with our local talent.  Within another year’s time, we hope to have the capabilities and connections to organize larger tours for St. Louis bands, so they, as artists can focus more on their music.

This page will be the Loud Label’s link to the community for now- I’ll be updating it regularly with what’s coming up and if ever anyone has a suggestion, question, or comment, please feel free to contact us as more heads are always best.  In the meantime, lookout for our logo to be appearing on posters and albums soon- our goal with anything we put our name on will be nothing short of providing the best experience possible for artist and fan alike so everyone wins.

As always, keep going out and supporting your scene, there are many cool things coming up and always more music to be heard!



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